Each installation includes a full 1 year labor warranty as well as the following parts and labor:

Two stainless steel flex lines, an earthquake strap kit, gas flex and valve, drip pan, ball valve (if necessary), dirt trap, up to 10 feet of cpvc t&p line, 2 feet of insulate hot and cold lines, secure vent, 1 vent 90, haul away old unit, water pressure check , and permit processing. There are instances when additional parts or labor may be necessary, however, we will always be fair on the price and honest in our recommendations.(*See below for items which are not included)

*Items not included:

Recirculating pump and / or any related parts or labor, stand or existing damaged platform repair, expansion tank, watts 210 valve, 2nd man assist (hard access-attic, basement, etc..), any additional plumbing required above and beyond a normal installation, venting or related materials beyond 1 foot (extend vent above roof line, replace corroded or damaged vent, etc.., and pipe insulation beyond first 3 feet exposed piping.

(Click here for permit pricing)
30/40 gal *6 Year    $995 + Permit
50 gal 6 Year     $1095 + Permit
75 gal 6 Year     $1795 + Permit
100 gal 6 Year   $2895 + Permit
40 gal power vent 6 year $1895 + Permit
50 gal power vent 6 year $1995 + Permit
75 gal power vent 6 year $2695 + Permit
40 gal direct vent 6 year  $1995 + Permit
50 gal direct vent 6 year  $2095 + Permit

75 gal lite commercial 3 Year 80K btu $2995
75 gal commercial 3Y 125K btu $3695
100 gal commercail 3Y 220K btu $4995